A Heartwarning Story For Valentine’s Day

My high school girlfriend dumped me suddenly and  unceremoniously. It hurt. Badly. I was planning to propose after graduation. I was crushed.

Her brief explanation went like this…She had been a varsity cheerleader her junior year, and tried out again senior year. At her school, the student body voted, and had a partial say in the process. All the guys voted her down because she was dating me–a guy from another school, and not them. She did not make the squad, so apparently, I had to go.

A few years later, I was watching Love Connection, and there she was!! She looked GREAT!!! The guy she went on the date with seemed really cool. He told funny, cute stories about their date. Stories that tugged at me a little, because I have similar stories about her.

At the end, when Chuck asked her if she would go on another date with him, she enthusiastically chirped, “I would LOVE to!”. Chuck turned to the guy and said, “…and how about you?” He didn’t hesitate, “I don’t think so, Chuck.”

The look on her face perfectly mirrored the look on mine the day she dumped me.

Revenge is a dish best served while eating cold leftover pizza and channel surfing.

Happy Valentine’s Day.